ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Unfortunately due to all the shooting an…

Unfortunately due to all the shooting and fun at OzFest (and lack of internet connection) I’ve not had time to post anything since arriving at Mission Beach….I plan on posting little essays about significant events, shoots, and images once I return (boo hoo) to the US…..Thanks to Zoe and Mick and Stephanie (for the entertainment) for another fantastic experience… I loved renewing old friendships and meeting new ones. This is the closet to heaven on earth…thought that last year…and it remains true. I got to experience shooting with some new models that I had not before. So to Bink, Soph, Stephanie and Claudine…thanks so much for expanding my horizons with your talent. For those I have shot with before (Rebecca, Vassanta, and Joceline), thanks for the opportunity to expand our experience together. I really feel like a took anoither creative leep being around so many talented folks. To the photographers…..WOW….i think I learned something from each of you during the week….thanks for sharing your work and talent…..more to come!!!!