ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Hi all Well we are back in cold Canberr…

Hi all

Well we are back in cold Canberra – it was a maximum of 13 degrees C when we landed which is about 55 degrees F.. Rebecca and I had a great time in Mission Beach and are grateful for the invite.

I really enjoyed talking to everyone and seeing the slide shows. I particularly enjoyed the five model shows as the images selected gave me the models viewpoint. The staff at Mission beach were very supportive.

I took 110 Gb photos and had eight photos shoots – I shot most of the lovely models in Mission beach or have made dates for several more but missed out on only two – I hope they come to Australia again and contact me

I mainly used a Canon digital but also had a second Canon digital with a laser drilled pinhole lens which I used on two shoots. I have processed a few images but did not have the time to select them with any great finesse but they are attached (I hope – I don’t really understand what I need to do to post to the blog). I go to Sydney in two days to shoot four models and for a wedding and then my job of forming short lists starts and this will take several weeks. The idea of a book sounds great.

All the best to everyone. Hope all travel is without trouble.

Malcolm and Rebecca Smith

I tried to include two images with this post but it didn’t work – can someone e-mail me how!


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Malcolm – looks like you only typed into the text box at the top of the blog and didn’t venture into the backend of the site in order to upload images. At the top left, click on “my blogs” then you’ll see “Australian Vacation” and you can click on that to get to the page where you make postings where you can upload images. The text box at the top is only to type in quick text with no media attached. Good luck!

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