ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

OZ – Vassanta Dunk Island Wanderings

Vassanta and I hiked the full circuit of trails on Dunk Island (about 10 KM) up Mt Kataloo, down to Coconut Beach and back to the Jetty. There wasn’t much to shoot with along the hike (but did see some snakes and turkeys), except on the beach. But the view from Mt Kataloo over the Coral Sea was stunning.  But we found this really cool tree with a cross hatch growth  between the two main trunks.  Vassanta managed to climb into the tree to capture one image attached here (how does she do that??). The rest we shot on the beach.  More gritty figure work incorporating the roots of a palm tree. I haven’t done a lot of figure work…so I’m loving the results.  Also, we found these awesome boulders with some stepping stones that she posed on.  Great work by her using the rocks and I did one in color and another in BW.  I have a few more images from our trip to dunk Island that I’ll post and then I’ll be working on some other model sessions.