ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Joceline – Dancing with Cassowaries

You’ve seen the video, now see the pictures…LOLÂ

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Joceline for the first time last year at JT.  With her dance and fashion background, I enjoy mixing it up and shooting both nudes and some “fashion” images with her.  This session was not an exception.  First we went into the jungle near Mission Beach to shoot along a creek.  First we did some shooting with a black tutu and corset.  The we moved to shooting nudes in the creek.We had many visitors.   First some people.  But like most Aussies, they waved back…or took pictures.  Then (as was told in the video), we had a large bird visitor.  I was shooting nudes of Joceline on a tree stump when she turned and started yelling in a loud stage whisper, “There’s a Cassowary!!!”  For those not in the know, this flightless bird is about the size of an ostrich and populates only this part of Australia.  It has  a large bone protrusion on its head…giving it a dinosaur look.  To complete that comparison, it also has a large raptor claw it uses to embed in adversaries and disembowel them.  So Joceline was rather fleet of foot bounding down the creek and running up a hill.  I stayed near the creek between her and the bird to make sure it didn’t come our way…but also to try to get a shot…Hey…I’m a photographer.  It came near us on the path, but then wandered off into the jungle.  PHEW!

We finished shooting in the jungle and then headed to the beach at Mission Beach.  The sun was setting and we used the light to our advantage among the rocks and beach.  She demonstrated her poise and grace with her ballerina shoes…adding a nice touch in contrast to the rocks around her.  She then showed her balance and posing ability on a log going into some impossible poses balancing on the log in various positions…WOW…It inspired me to get back to pilates class.  How does she do that?!  I had also shot Stephanie Ann on the same log….so it was interesting to see how both of these extraordinary talents used the same “tool”.   As you can see, I came away with some wonderful images and even more appreciation of this talented and graceful creature (that is, Joceline…not the bird).  More to come!

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