ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Didgeridoo Master?

You’ve seen it on facebook and now it’s arrived.  To honor our Ozzie hosts, I’ve started to learn to play the Aborigine’s wind instrument, the didgeridoo.  So this is my first concert after one lesson.  Actually….this is sooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaadddddd that it’s funny and  I don’t mind embarrassing myself for a good laugh…enjoy…or cover your ears. ;)  Don’t have your windows open in the northwest when you play this….I’ve been told Moose go wild upon hearing it!

[youtube yhVHqzefvWg]

2 replies on “Didgeridoo Master?”

LOL…thanks, Zoe. I fall down laughing hysterically everytime I watch…or even hear it. So..maybe your husband and I can jam together sometime…NOT lol

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