ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

My shoots and models Mission Beach


 When working with a model in the landscape I might suggest how the model can interact, for example, with a tree stump and how I want to contrast their soft curves with the harder form of the stump.  With Ivory Flame with the abandoned car after I had described my impressions she asked me if I wanted her to look forlorn (i.e. abandoned or forsaken) too which showed she was relating to the derelict car with her own input

 In the studio I often create a story, sometimes based on a simple prop such as a hat or based on characters in another artist’s work, a play or even people I see in the great outdoors.  I am particularly fond of an Australian artist Norman Lindsay, particularly his marvelous etchings but also his drawings and oil and water colour paintings.  I might pick out two characters from a work, invent a new story and talk to the models about it.  I even might get the one model acting different roles so I can form a composite.  Using a character from another’s work it is not intended to duplicate it but to use it to suggest a new direction.  As the model (or models) act out the scene I take shots along the way.  I usually carry either an art diary or at least something I can take notes on and draw simple sketches and take notes when I see something interesting.

 Whether or not I invent a story or just offer suggestions I am constantly amazed at how the models interpret my descriptions in marvelous ways I have not thought of and I am able to let them go without much direction.  I believe this collaboration with the model brings out much of the personality of the model and I am sure if I gave the story to two models at different times I would get completely different images.

 I find the best models possess many of the following qualities.  First they are intelligent creative people.  Secondly many have a background in visual arts, dance and theatre which leads to great moves.  Last most have an avid interest themselves in fine art nude photography.  All the models at Mission Beach had these qualities and were a joy to talk to and collaborate with photographically.

 The models I worked with were

 Mission Beach


Stephanie Anne

Rebecca Lawrence

Ivory Flame

Candace Nirvana



 Sydney (just after Mission Beach)

Rebecca Lawrence with Vasanta

 All great models with tons of imagination – thanks girls for eight great shoots!

 Malcolm Smith