ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Sun, sea and sand with Zoe

I love working with Z. It’s awesomely refreshing to work with a female photographer. Especially a model turned photographer. It means the mood is relaxed, easy going and creative.

We started our shoot with mocha, I don’t think we have ever started a shoot any other way. Next we wandered down to the beach, ambling down with all the time in the world. Chatting and catching up after a years distance between us. The beach was empty and beautiful – as it was every day.

When the photos began we were both in the water, trying not to splash too much moving between poses. Coming out and drying off (thanks Mr Sunshine) before rolling around on the hard sand, allowing me to arch my back trying to mimic the view of the island behind.

A little more exploring found us interesting trees to work with. But these are some of my faves from the shoot – I still haven’t been able to narrow it down any more then this. I love them all!

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