ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Friendship at Mission Beach

stick insect
stick insect

I’d like to remind all of you that in a land of “bitey things” not all of our six-legged compatriots are trying to drive us away; in fact, some of them just want to go for a drive.

Following a shoot with George this morning, I came across a new friend who had planted herself on the car and was waving her front limbs at me as if to hitch a ride.  I could not resist inviting over this visitor.  Back at Eco Village she is blending in perfectly with the rest of the models in our group–chilling in the shade, climbing trees, practicing new poses, lying still for long intervals.

I spent the morning jealously examining her slender proportions and absent waistline, the graceful flexibility of her thorax, her ease with the natural environment, the serenity of her compound eyes, her indisputable legginess.  If I had six limbs my posing repertoire would increase exponentially!  Climbing rocks would be a breeze with six feet upon which to distribute my weight!  With one sticky claw instead of five fingers I would be much more capable of hanging upside down from the branches and never fear losing my grip before the photo is taken!

I am overcome with inspiration!  Thank you for your lessons, new friend!

Then, sitting on the porch in the midst of envious reverie, I am interrupted by a glimpse at my neighbor Joceline, another leggy creature of a very different sort.  The human curves on this exotic specimen remind me instantly that a Stick Insect–no matter how compelling–is not a good role model for a figure model.