ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

A Morning with Stephanie Anne

For the first time, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Stephanie Anne early one morning around the Mission Beach resort.  I’m so grateful to the Eco Village resort (where we stayed) for allowing us to shoot around their property.  There were so many fantastic locations just within walking distance of your bungalow: especially useful for early morning shoots like the one with Stephanie.  Attached is a cross section of some of the first images I’ve completed from our session.  One of the goals that I set for myself during the week was to purposefully and creatively apply over and under exposure.  Several here show some results that I’m very happy with.  In addition, with Stephanie’s dance background, her poses and action  gave the shots grace and accentuated the beauty of the light.  One happy accident we had was that as we played shooting on the beach, I noticed the beauty of the light filtering through the sarong that she had brought with her.  So we played with the material – creating an almost butterfly look as she danced with the light. Then we used the sarong as a tent with the light coming behind us – creating a beautiful mix of color and form.  Such a pleasure to finally create some images with the talented Stephanie whose body of work I’ve always admired.