ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

The packing begins.

36 hours before I’m due to leave BrisVegas (Brisbane, Aust for those non Aussies reading) and fly to tropical├é┬áCairns, I thought I had better start sorting all my gear.

Of course the camera gear gets sorted and packed first but unfortunately I’m one of those photographers that packs way more equipment than I will ever possibly need because, well, I might need it!

4 Nikon digital bodies, because you know, 3 might break down. 4 Nikon speedlights, 4 PocketWizards, 2 light stands, a soft box, an umbrella and a reflector all packed just in case the Nth Queensland light is terrible and I have to create my own studio! 3 hours later and I’m fairly certain all the photographic equipment is sorted and packed. Tomorrow night….clothes and computer gear!

photo2 photo3