ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Friends’ old and new to the rescue

Oh I was so proud of myself when I decided to bring film gear instead of digital for OZ . Rather then dragging a heavy bag with a bulky DSLR and lens halfway around the world I would simple bring a small bag containing my Leica M4-2 and check my Bronica SQA
I mean I only had four shoots lined up each lasting 2 hour’s so I thought surely 15 rolls of 35mm and 20 rolls of 120 film would be more then enough to last me through the week, but it wasn’t. So even after getting 10 rolls of 120 from one new friend I was left with one day of shooting and no film to shoot with. Of course this was only an issue for a very short time as a number friend’s old and new offered to let me a use some of their digital gear to get me through my last few shoots.
And of course as a bonus I have images to edit while I wait to get my film processed and scanned.