ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Nightly Slide Show Contest

We have been doing slide shows now @ the get together since 2005 when we were in Flagstaff, Arizona. In Flagstaff it was for only one night, and it was quite impromptu but there were a lot of photographs to watch. We also did a one night stand in 2006 and skipped the slide shows completely in 2007. 2007 was skipped because the get together was planned in 2 months due to my wedding in July. But, we brought them back again in 2008 @ the 29 Palms Inn. We did 4 shows a night under the stars on a patch of fresh green grass with the stars up overhead. It was lovely. So, it’s become a tradition now to show our work in this way to each other.

This year we decided to give incentive to producing an eye catching show. The famed master photographer Sam Haskins was amazing in giving Michael Marlborough his new book “FASHION ETCETERA“ to give away as a prize to the best slide show for a photographer and we gave $50.00 to the best slide show for a model.

All together we had 16 slide shows spread out over 4 nights and the winners were:

Cameron Attree and Muse.

It was rather hard to choose what show was best since all the work was brilliant. The next way to decide was just to go by who put the most effort and followed directions the best in producing the shows. Cameron and Muse to those of us who were judging put in the most effort and kept the audiences attention the best.

Maybe we can showcase their shows once we figure out how to get YouTube to allow nudity. Or maybe there’s another way… To be determined!

Big congratulations to Cameron and Muse!