ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Do you have any Polaroid left?

Rebecca and I didn’t have plans to shoot before arriving to OZ … as I couldn’t get in touch with her traveling booty! But, the first time we shot together in California I was going to use the Holga/Polaroid Back camera with Type 85… but I was out of Sodium Sulfite for clearing the negatives. So, we weren’t able to do that. So in OZ, she and I both had some time the last day and she asked, “do you have any of the Polaroid left?” Awesome! So, that’s all I shot her with. And I’m extremely happy with what we created! Some of these crazy shadows … only this film would ever bring them out like this. So glad I still have some left. These are always very precious pictures to me since there will never be Type 85 again. Enjoy.

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