ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

I’m in Love

I wish I had some photos to post.

There is something magical in Mission Beach that sort of puts a spell on you. It’s a good spell, but it’s also a hard one to overcome. It’s called the laid back curse! I can’t remember when I’ve felt so at peace with the universe. Australia is going to have a hard time sending me off. I hope it doesn’t take another 9 years for a return trip. It’s just too wonderful.

I am so amazed at all of the great work in our nightly slide shows. There are really great photographers and models gracing our screen every night with their work.

I was interviewed by the Cairns Post about our group. Cameron Attree took pictures for the piece they’ll do about us. I’m nervous about what they’ll write… But the woman who came to interview me was really nice. So I hope that means good things. I’ll pick up a paper tomorrow and read all about it. Hopefully I can find a way to blog it.

More later friends…