ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Still editing – Still remembering – Rei

Have I told you all how much we loved Mission Beach? I can still feel the ocean breeze and humidity in my mind. Our house didn’t hurt the vibe one bit. I still wish I had video of Rei dancing her Bollywood dance. So I could post it here! She’d probably throw a smack my way all the way from Canberra though! All in good fun. I’ve known Rei for years and we worked together in 2004 for the first time with successful results. Many book publishings and magazine publishings with a few of our images. Now from this time working together I’ve already sold one of our prints. What a great feeling for both of us to know that someone wants to own a fine art piece from our work together. One of the prints from this session sold… the “Jim Morrison” pose. 😉 I was excited when we peeled the negative back and saw the unique destruction of the print that you only get with the Holga/Polaroid back combo. Nice. I hope the owner of the new print enjoys seeing it on their wall for a very long time. Thank you.