ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach


Muse @ our house on the beach. Trying to get that feeling of fulfillment back again as the weather turns cold, and the rain pours down. An island awaits in a couple weeks… until then, I’ll remember being here. I’ll remember walking outside and finding Muse cocooned inside of the hammock. Rei in her room practicing her Indian dancing. And myself opening the refrigerator in elation noticing the thoughtful chilled coffee Muse made me just to be nice. I really miss this place.

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The setting looks so surreal, so stark! Works especially well with the images where Muse’s hair is flowing down.

I love the side note about the fridge & the coffee left for you by Muse – she’s a beautiful person inside and out & I think her kind, sweet personality really shines through in these images.

Thank you, Bink!

Yes. the coffee. The espresso machine and I had a terrible fight the first day we arrived. The espresso machine won by spitting out hot water all over my dress and the floor and counter. I gave up and ran down the road to the coffee shop. The next day – because I guess Muse is more adapt at figuring out how to work foreign espresso machines – there was a lovely mocha chilled in the refrigerator. I think I may have made much noise or something during my brawl. ha. But, it’s the little things like that in life that make you smile.

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