ZoeFest 2009 Australia Mission Beach

Soph: Jungle Dance

This was a day of firsts.  First time working with the lovely Soph from Australia, first time entering the jungle forests of Australia and the first time I encountered the biting things of Australia.  The first two firsts more than made up for the last one.  We shot in two locations, first in some forest near Mission Beach and then among the rocks and trees on Mission Beach.  We entered the forest on a trail and did some shooting among some trees using the shadows of the leaves to paint her body.  Then we continued down the trail coming to a creek where we also ran into some other members of our group. Soph wandered up the creek where we got some stunning shots with the jungle canopy surrounding her.  And this is where the jungle dance comes in.  It was my first experience with the biting flies of Mission Beach.  And it’s not one or two attacking you..but swarms of them about the size of a US horse fly biting you and drawing blood.  But what am I complaining about! I had shorts on and they were just biting my legs. Poor naked Soph was getting bitten all over. It’s amazing either of us could hold still enough under the dark canopy of the jungle to get any sharp images!  We then escaped the killer flies to go to the flyless beach.  When we arrived at the beach, we ran into the same members of our group we encountered in the forest.  I swear we were not stalking them!!!  Once on the beach, we got some beautiful images among the boulders and trees.  Thanks to Soph for sharing the experience, the bites  and getting some lovely images